Our Digital Products

Our digital products have been built to help you better understand and navigate the most challenging issues facing your business, so you can grow and adapt in the face of disruption. Explore our products.

Accelerated Discovery

An integrated, self-service eDiscovery platform allowing for processing of large volumes of documents, for review, translation and transcription.

Activity Value Analysis

Create data-driven insights and interactive dashboards to unlock global workforce potential and optimise efficiency to reduce costs sustainably by up to 25%.

Assessment Hub

A cloud-based platform to help you seamlessly manage assessments from start to finish - saving you time and reducing your costs by up to 35%.

Climate Action Tracker

A cloud-based project management and tracking tool that helps you monitor and control your organisation’s net zero transformation.

Cloud Cost Assurance

Identify cost saving opportunities. Make better decisions, decrease risk and optimise cloud spending.

Compromise, Threat and Discovery

Manage cyber security risk, identify and remediate hidden malicious activity across your IT estate with compromise assessment.

Connected Risk Engine

A maturity assessment product which provides you with a clear and consistent view of risk affecting your entire organisation.

Continuous Monitoring Platform

Track, assess and report on your organisational processes, controls and data to help detect anomalies promptly to improve your overall control environment.

Contract Management Hub

An online portal that enables us to efficiently run and manage your contract remediation process by storing all data, documents and communications.

Control Insights

A solution to help Sage Intacct customers understand where the potential areas of weakness are in their financial control environment

Customer Profile Manager

Identify cost saving opportunities. Make better decisions, decrease risk and optimise cloud spending.

Cyber Crisis VR Experience

How do you prepare for a cyber security crisis if you've not experienced and inciden? Our virtual reality experience helps you prepare to lead a response.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Make more informed decisions about your global cyber threat landscape.

Data Migration Suite

Data Migration Suite combines leading tools and methodologies to help you reduce data mirgration risk and enhance data quality during transformation.

Deep Commercial Intelligence

Manage risk, respond to regulatory changes and indentify opportunities in third party contracts.

Digital Policy Manual

Access, navigate and interact with your policies. Make documentation accurate, up to date and easy to put into practice.

Effective Tax Rate (ETR) Modelling

A bespoke effective tax rate (ETR) modelling solution which performs forecasting and scenario planning across territories, entities and products.

End User Computing Analytics (EUCA)

Brings simplicity, using advanced technology to uncover your spreadsheet risk.

Engage Live

A digital platform that enables you to track a set of initiatives through a gated governance process, driving pace and accountability.

Equity Reward Analytics

A platform that assists you in the design and valuation of management equity plans in sponsor backed or corporate structures.

ESG Regulatory Intelligence

A digital solution to help ESG and Compliance leaders understand the applicability of ESG regulations to their business.


Up-to-date business information on global tax, VAT / GST rates, rules and requirements around the world. Compliance tools and services.

Horizon Scanning Portal

Artificial intelligence which consolidates regulatory updates from over 150 global institutions, relevant to your business.

Innovation Nexus

A SaaS offering that builds connections between people, ideas, and investments, providing transparency and structure to all stages of the innovation process.

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