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Assessment Hub

A cloud-based platform that helps you schedule, execute, monitor, analyse and digitise the entire lifecycle of your assessment programme - saving you time and reducing your costs by up to 35%.

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Save time and money on your assessment programmes by automating data scheduling, collection and consolidation of information

Get better quality data which is captured more easily and consistently through the mobile ready platform

Allow your people more time to work on high value analysis by freeing up time from time-consuming data consolidation

Digitise your assessment programmes

Whether you carry out programmes to monitor the use of your brand across your organisation, manage ESG risks, or carry out cyber risk assessments, our platform can help you automate your processes, reducing the need for manual intervention in any kind of risk and compliance activity.

How does Assessment Hub work?

Assessment Hub is a cloud-based platform to help you seamlessly manage assessments from start to finish - saving you time and reducing costs by up to 35%.

Reduce reliance on manual processes such as data transfer through emails

Creation of a high quality data asset as a single source of truth for trusted information

Automated real time progress tracking

Consistent and simplified approach

Track completion status by user

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