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Contract Management Hub

An innovative platform that utilises cutting-edge technology to provide Legal Managed Services, enabling us to efficiently run and manage your contract repapering and remediation process. All data, documents and communications related to each arrangement are stored in one centralised location. Inbuilt email and outreach management tools faciltate communications between multiple parties allowing for the process to be streamlined and scaled as required.

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Digital reporting

In platform tracking and communication increases the efficiency and quality of the process by removing the need for offline trackers, data managed in multiple spreadsheets and group mailboxes.

Tech enabled

Integrations with your existing systems help to streamline the process and ease workload management across the team.

Workflow control

Configure digital workflows to support the communications and tracking within the process. Queries can be assigned, escalated and actioned within the platform via different user roles. 

The mission control centre required to facilitate the contract remediation process

Our technology solution applies our experience and capability to deliver quality, efficiency and control for your programme. Our approach delivers an experienced service and provides clarity on progress through effective project management and reporting. 

Scalability and efficiencies can be recognised through the use of technology led by people in order to deliver a successful programme.

How does Contract Management Hub work?

Our online platform centralises all data, documents, and communications related to your contracts, making it easy to request, manage and track your progress on each outreach.

Its online portal is one central location to securely upload, store and analyse your arrangements

Technology assisted set up of templates and data accelerates document generation and initial outreach.

Built in email and outreach management tools to facilitate the smooth communication between different parties involved

Workflow and reporting built in to manage the end to end process and provide up to date, real time reports of the status and progress throughout the process.

Capture audit trail of all actions to enable automated status changesSLAs can be set to trigger actions and workload thresholds can be applied.