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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence privides you with with the technical and strategic reporting and data, that can be used by your security team  to predict, detect and mitigate targeted cyber attacks.

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Designed for your business needs

Remain one step ahead of cyber threats with our in-depth view of the global threat landscape & timely reports

Provides you with meaningful, diverse analysis designed to inform and empower your business

Boost your detection and processing capabilities with our SIEM integration. Compare your own security data against our intelligence holdings to detect malicious activity more quickly

Safeguard against cyber threats

Our innovative cyber threat intelligence platform can help you navigate complex, evolving cyber risks through timely, tactical and strategic data on the global cyber threat landscape, so you can make more informed decisions.

How does Cyber Threat Intelligence work?

A web portal and REST API provides you access to a huge volume of reporting and technical data across a full spectrum of cyber threat actors from more than 23 countries conducting targeted cyber attacks. PwC's cyber threat intelligence enables users to maintain a high degree of situational awareness across the threat landscape, shape their security investment, and to access the vital technical information needed to detect and mitigate targeted cyber attacks

High confidence threat data to fuel security operation functions

Timely insight into a broad range of external threats, including new and innovative techniques being observed

Contextual analysis tailored towards informing risk-based decisions

Intelligence data shared through multiple platforms, for ease of access and integration

Finely tuned network IDS, endpoint, behavioural and malware detection rules to support your organisational defence capabilities

Garner insights from our highly experienced analysts through collaboration to help you remediate issues faster and with greater confidence

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