Our Digital Products

Our digital products have been built to help you better understand and navigate the most challenging issues facing your business, so you can grow and adapt in the face of disruption. Explore our products.

Managed Cyber Risk

A self-service low-code SaaS platform which provides insights executives need to fulfill their cyber risk management responsibilities.

Managed Detection & Response

A cyber threat management portal backed by our managed service for 24/7 security visibility.

Model Efficiency Manager

A cloud-based platform that can help you expedite model development/validation across a variety of use cases.

Perform Plus

PwC’s award winning operational excellence approach powered by smart technology and data.

Portfolio Emissions Manager

A cloud-based climate change modelling suite which helps you to achieve your net zero goals.

Productivity Suite

A cloud-based platform that acts as a centralised project hub for all diagnostic activity for PwC and client teams.

Regulatory Reporting Validator

Assess the completeness and accuracy of your Trade & Transaction reporting.

Saratoga Impact

Free for participants benchmarking solution on key people metrics.

Saratoga Spotlight on HR

Subscription benchmarking solution on the HR function.

Smart Business Insight Suite

Utilising technology to manage workflow, data collection and operational risk management.

Spend Explorer

PwC’s bespoke solution to help you understand, visualise and optimise your organisations’ third party Spend and Carbon footprint.

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