Compliance and Risk Management

Compromise, Threat and Discovery

Do you know if cyber security threats are hiding on your network? Take a proactive approach towards threat hunting with our compromise assessment technology. Uncover evidence of previously unknown malicious activity or early signs of an attack within your IT estate by identifying cyber attacks that first lines of defence such as antivirus may have missed.

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Identify potential high risk threats across your entire IT estate and accelerate effective remediation, whether that is applying a patch or performing a remote forensic investigation

Get visibility across the attack chain and insight into attacker techniques through endpoint management and security technology, layered with our advanced threat detection rulesets

Receive clear action-based and pragmatic advice for cyber security improvements through an executive and technical report combining tactical, operational and strategic recommendations

PwC and Tanium - Data-driven cyber risk management

Our partnership with Tanium combines our deep expertise in cyber security and digital transformation with Tanium’s unified endpoint management and security platform to help you better manage and secure your organisation. Tanium’s real-time data collection provides information from up to hundreds of thousands of endpoints - such as laptops, servers, mobile and Internet of Things devices - for rapid and comprehensive identification of malicious activity.

How does Compromise, Threat and Discovery work?

Take a proactive approach to managing risks and remediating hidden malicious activity across your IT estate with our cyber security risk assessment tool. 

Get real time alerts for host-based and behavioural indicators of compromise (IOC) across your IT estate through automated scanning developed from our threat intelligence research into over 200 advanced threat actors

Remotely and forensically preserve evidence necessary for triage and future investigation, minimising the need for labour-intensive deep dive forensics

Receive regular telemetry from across your endpoints, providing visibility of hygiene and compliance risks and allowing rapid resolution of risks

Create custom packages for detection and investigation, enabling you to respond to cyber incidents and priority events, for example, new vulnerabilities

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