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End User Computing Analytics (EUCA)

Advanced analytics technology that scans your network drives for spreadsheets, analysing and evaluating them for their risk and complexity profile. Simple visualisations of your spreadsheet inventory help you identify, monitor and manage your risk exposure and make more informed decisions.

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Consolidate your spreadsheet exposure to determine the specific locations, purposes and complexity of all active spreadsheets, helping you challenge and build your inventory

EUCA applies our Subject Matter Experts (SME) driven algorithms to sift out the 'noise' and determine a critical population, including how the files link together

Quickly identify gaps in End User Computing (EUC) policy compliance by searching for particular risk attributes – such as errors and bad practices in your critical spreadsheets

Simple and clear risk visualisations

EUCA brings simplicity to complex spreadsheet risk management, using unique and bespoke visualisation to reveal new perspectives and create easy to interpret insights you and your stakeholders can use to take action. EUCA is our solution that supports spreadsheet discovery, issue diagnosis and highlights deviations from expected spreadsheet management.

How does End User Computing Analytics work?

Managing end-user computing is complex. Our End User Computer Analytics tool makes this simple, using advanced technology to uncover spreadsheet risk.

Simplify complex risk and discover your spreadsheet population through EUCA’s ability to scan your network drives and interrogate each spreadsheet to determine relative importance, functional use and highlight inherent or residual risk that may exist

Visualise your spreadsheet network so you get a better understanding of the interrelations between spreadsheets

Prioritise remediation or platform change by ranking spreadsheets based on complexity, errors and bad practices, with reports at individual spreadsheet level

Identify opportunities for process improvement and transformation - such as complex and unsustainable chains of spreadsheets

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