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Climate Action Tracker

A cloud-based bespoke project management and tracking tool, providing enhanced visibility and control over your organisation’s net zero transformation.

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Develop a comprehensive view of all your decarbonisation activities in one place.
Quantify the cost and carbon impact of every decarbonisation project across your organisation.
See your data summarised in a functional, interactive, real-time dashboard.

Keep track of your decarbonisation activity and progress to Net Zero

Monitoring your progress towards Net Zero can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Driving progress against emission reduction targets is often complicated by poor data availability, limited ability to quantify carbon reduction potential from individual initiatives, and inconsistent tracking and reporting. 

PwC's Climate Action Tracker addresses these challenges, helping you track your decarbonisation activities, and providing a data-driven view on your progress towards Net Zero.

How does Climate Action Tracker work?

PwC’s cloud-based, project management and tracking tool that allows you to monitor, quantify and report on decarbonisation initiatives across your organisation. 

Quantify the cost and carbon impact of each decarbonisation project, tracking execution in a standardised way.

The Carbon Calculator uses customisable emissions factors, chosen by your organisation, to quantify carbon impact.

See your data through interactive dashboards that create insight at a local and aggregate level.

Bring your data together into a single reporting view across the entire organisation, providing real-time MI at your fingertips.

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