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Cloud Cost Assurance

Take control of your cloud spend with data-driven insights that give you greater transparency and visibility. Whether you’re adopting cloud technology for the first time or in need of ongoing cost optimisation, our Cloud Cost Assurance product helps you decrease risk and reduce cloud costs, releasing average savings of 35%.

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Designed for your business needs

Adoption. Maximise your return on investment with value-based cloud adoption

Optimisation. Get rapid insights and cost saving opportunities, focusing on activities that will deliver the most value in the shortest time

Monitoring. Get greater clarity and vision over your cloud costs and consumption patterns, enabling you to both look at the present and get assurance around future expenditure

Look at the bigger picture

Our Cloud Cost Assurance product brings all your information in one place, providing greater visibility across all your cloud domains and cloud service providers. This allows you to step out of the detail and look wider across your business to make better decisions, decrease risk and optimise your cloud spend.

How does Cloud Cost Assurance work?

Cloud Cost Assurance helps you manage and identify cloud cost saving opportunities. Make better decisions, decrease risk and optimise cloud spending.

A data-driven approach to help you calculate return on investment for cloud migration and support business cases

Ability to identify areas of wastage in your cloud spend

The ability to predict cloud costs over long time periods, including for a particular workstream

Data analysis of current workloads to support decision-making for a ‘lift and shift’ versus modernisation approach to cloud adoption

Ability to baseline current and future demand for cloud workloads to help determine the business case for using different cloud pricing options

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