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Data Migration Suite

A suite of complementary technology tools and a robust methodology to help you manage end to end data migrations. The Data Migration Suite enables delivery teams to manage data from extraction through to load and reconciliation, helping to reduce the data migration risk of your transformation programme.

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Designed for your business needs

Save time and resources through the rapid deployment and configuration of the Data Migration Suite to create a robust, standardised and repeatable migration process for any implementation

Enhance the quality of your data through the data migration process with automated profiling and data quality libraries that give clear insights on improvements you could make

Deliver a transparent and auditable data migration with the ability to see data changes and built-in reconciliations for each step in the migration process

Benefit from the knowledge of many successful data migrations

Our Data Migration Suite helps you migrate data with less risk and provides an industrialised approach that is easy to scale for large volumes of data. By improving the quality and ownership of your data, you can complete a smooth data migration to core ERP and CRM business applications to help your organisation transform.

How does Data Migration Suite work?

Our Data Migration Suite combines leading tools to help you reduce and manage data migration risk, enhancing data quality during transformation.

Our data migration framework makes data quality a key component of the migration approach using standard assessments and improvement, alongside driving better ownership of your data

Using our common data model and comprehensive data model libraries, you can deliver your migration at pace with rapidly deployed tooling and a tried and tested methodology

Configure, scale and adapt the platform to your business needs. The deployment of this tooling helps to accelerate the extraction, cleansing, transformation, loading and reconciliation of your data

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