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Horizon Scanning Portal

An online platform that uses intelligence to improve regulatory compliance by bringing you a tailored feed of regulatory updates from more than 150 global institutions, helping you to quickly identify and prioritise regulatory changes relevant to your organisation and reduce the burden on your Compliance team.

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Reduce the time taken to manually review individual regulator websites with a centralised regulatory updated feed that frees up time to spend on interpretation of regulatory updates and the impact on your organisation

Get greater transparency around the ownership, timelines and action required to comply with a regulatory update through workflow functionality that reduces the burden on Compliance to chase outstanding actions

Take action, fast. With real time reporting, identify changes early or when you’re at risk of missing regulatory compliance deadlines

Helping you to consolidate your regulatory updates

As well as keeping you up to date with regulatory information, the portal gives you the latest thought leadership from PwC's regulatory specialists. To help your team respond to the latest changes, it also includes workflow, collaboration and reporting capabilities. This allows you to automate, streamline and manage horizon scanning in your business.

How does Horizon Scanning Portal work?

Horizon Scanning Portal uses artificial intelligence to consolidate regulatory updates from over 150 global institutions, relevant to your business.

AI learns what regulatory updates are relevant to your business so that it can automatically suggest, prioritise and sort the information for Compliance to focus on

Keep your business users in the loop by allowing your Compliance team to automatically generate newsletters which you can distribute through the portal

Log key actions and support regulatory compliance across your organisation with an evidence log of decisions. All interpretations, actions taken and key documents are stored in a single location

Individual users can configure their preferences to ensure the updates and actions they receive are relevant to them and their responsibilities


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