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Innovation Nexus

Innovation Management Software that helps you to build connections between people, ideas and investments.

It brings energy, transparency and structure to the end-to-end innovation process. From setting the innovation strategy in line with business goals, to building a pipeline of innovation and tracking how your portfolios and investments are performing.

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Designed for your business needs

Empowering the workforce to engage with change. Ensuring your employees and partners feel ready, willing and able to come on the journey and drive ideas forward.

Saving costs and creating efficiencies. Standardising and streamlining the innovation process to spot duplications and reduce complexities.

Driving performance from investments. Tracking the progress of ideas, spotting trends, and assessing the performance of investments.

Manage all your innovation activity in one place

We believe that innovation should be structured, transparent and purposeful. With our SaaS platform, you can execute on innovation by centralising all your initiatives and running programmes at scale.

How does Innovation Nexus work?

Innovation Nexus is a PwC SaaS offering that builds connections between people, ideas, and investments. It provides transparency and structure to all stages of the innovation process, from ideas coming in at the top of the funnel, to how our portfolios and investments are performing.

Align innovation with business strategy. Educate your network on your strategic priorities, emerging technology trends, and disruptors. Showcase videos, articles, case studies and events to create a shared understanding of the business problem.

Build a pipeline of innovation. Launch innovation challenges to capture new ideas. Take ideas through multiple rounds of applications and stage gates. Enable innovators across divisions to collaborate on ideas to avoid duplications of effort.

Prioritise & shortlist ideas. Invite reviews from across your network to evaluate and shortlist high quality ideas to invest in. Provide feedback using a structured review process. Enable users to like, vote, and comment on ideas to create an open dialogue.

Manage & optimise portfolios. Take a performance, data-led approach to innovation, R&D and investment decisions. Track ideas in a portfolio, spot trends, add progress updates, and keep an audit trail of changes made to an idea. 

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