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Increased digitisation and use of cloud is expanding the attack surface and cyber risk for many organisations. At the same time the need for more robust cyber risk reporting is getting stronger as C-level executives grapple with obtaining transparency into the cyber risk landscape.

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Self-service low-code SaaS platform designed based on our extensive practical experience, with a low cost of entry

Provides the insights executives need to fulfil their cyber risk management responsibilities

Acts as an ecosystem orchestrator that accelerates a client’s journey towards real-time quantified risk decision-making.

Developed by risk professionals for risk professionals

Managed Cyber Risk was developed to help answer questions like - is our risk posture within our risk appetite? How real is the threat we face? How well are we securing ourselves? How should we treat our risks? How can we maximise RoI in risk reduction?

PwC has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cybersecurity Risk Management Services 2023. The IDC MarketScape report states, ‘PwC brings all facets of cybersecurity and risk management under a single global platform to enable better collaboration, quality, and insights and to better serve clients’ cybersecurity needs. Read the report.

How does Managed Cyber Risk work?

Our approach is founded in the principles of pragmatism, flexibility and explainability, recognising both the scrutiny cyber risk attracts and the wide variety of maturity in risk management practises that exists across the industry.

Unlike many other technology products in this space, Managed Cyber Risk solution includes an extensive catalogue of pre-loaded content and optional services led by our cyber risk experts who are passionate about the topic and can partner with you to make the process of managing cyber risk end to end easy for you.

Risk analytics, reporting and orchestration solution, enabling Exec and Board cyber risk reporting.

Flexible cyber risk model, including cyber risk quantification and integrated threat intelligence leveraging PwC’s global platform that provides strategic and technical intel on incidents, threat actors and campaigns.

Sophisticated benefits management that enables the measurement of the control improvement contributions of a portfolio of risk treatment activities.

Customisable pre-loaded content that includes multiple industry control standards mapped to good practise risk factors (i.e. risks, threats and metrics).

Continuous controls monitoring based on ingestion of telemetry from security posture management platforms using APIs to calibrate assessment scores.

Complimentary managed services that support continuous tuning of the risk model, assessment of risk factors, integration of data sources and curation of reports.

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