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Threat hunting, detection and response capabilities extend beyond the endpoint, unifying your network and cloud detection and responses capabilities, while the automation means you can focus on the threats that really matter - and ensure that both your on data centre and cloud estates remain protected 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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Our platform is a scalable data driven solution, extending visibility through high volume security telemetry in your endpoints, network and cloud environments

We provide constantly evolving detection content, driven from market leading threat intelligence and incident response capabilities

Around 80% of traditional L1 & L2 alerts are automated, allowing analysts to focus on high value, high risk activity

Your attack surface is growing.. are you ready to defend it?

Traditional cyber threat detection measures are no longer enough to keep ahead of the ever evolving and more complex threat landscapes.  Our next generation Managed Detection & Response has been built to ensure that you can benefit from cutting edge technology platforms and market leading threat intelligence - rapidly increasing capability without the upfront investment or high cost of ownership required to build these capabilities in-house.

How does Managed Detection and Response work?

A 24x7  service delivering 

Cyber threats are ever increasing in modern society. Traditionally detections of these threats have been built using legacy Security information and event management and Endpoint Detection and Response solutions. Managed Detection and Response provides comprehensive security visibility and integrated threat intelligence. Triage is automated and PwC’s global detection engineering capability gives you improved threat detection accuracy; reduced response times and reduced Security Operations workload.

Access to our threat management portal and a dedicated slack channel for ease of communication with our team 24/7

Our sophisticated use of Security orchestration, automation and response has led to a 90% reduction in detection and response time and 80% reduction in workload

Use of world class, best in breed threat intelligence which feeds heavily into our built in detection content that is constantly evolving

Passionate and dedicated team of cyber experts who have varied experience in various areas of cyber security including managed services leaders, analysis and automation experts

Over 2000 behavioural detection rules mapped to mitre Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge techniques giving the ability to quantify our detection capability and give a clear view of how we are protecting you

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