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Continuous Monitoring Platform (CMP)

Integrating with existing systems and operations, CMP is a comprehensive solution that allows your organisation to monitor key processes, controls and data in real-time. Its automated alerts and in-depth analytics capabilities enable issue detection, prompt investigation and resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Real-time insights give you instant access to critical data and insights, enabling proactive decision-making and timely responses to emerging issues.

Streamlined processes and automated monitoring to reduce manual efforts, saving you time and resources whilst ensuring consistent control oversight.

Mitigate risks with early detection of anomalies and non-compliance, safeguarding your business from potential financial and operational losses.

An enabler for automated continuous monitoring and continuous auditing

With the complex and ever-changing risk landscape, there is an increasing need for the three lines of defence to be able to monitor and assess risks and controls dynamically. PwC’s CMP can help your organisation to automate your monitoring activities, and enable continuous auditing and real-time risk mitigation.

With a user-friendly portal, CMP has built in scripts to meet your needs, a library of ready-made tests and the ability to alter or build your own tests with a simple workflow tool. You define the frequency of testing (from every 10 seconds to annually), to analyse and visualise results.

How does Continuous Monitoring Platform work?

Track, assess and report on your organisational processes, controls and data to help detect anomalies promptly to improve your overall control environment.

Automatically analyses processes, transactions and master data which enables full coverage of data; providing increased assurance to your business.

Highlights exceptions in real-time, enabling quick escalation and remediation by control owners via custom workflows, making compliance part of day-to-day business activities.

Reduces reliance on manual processes such as sample testing, allowing responsible departments to focus on generating real value for your organisation.

Increase confidence and efficiencies in reporting via visualised and bespoke dashboards over monitoring outputs, generating insights to your organisation to make informed decisions.

Provides an audit trail for transparency whereby users have the ability to download test results and associated remediation documentation.

Drive risk culture in your business. Exception notifications can be sent to the control owner and an assurance function, enabling the control owner to assess and as applicable remediate the exceptions, document this on CMP, and then enable the assurance function to validate.


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