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Our Digital Products

Our digital products have been built to help you better understand and navigate the most challenging issues facing your business, so you can grow and adapt in the face of disruption. Explore our products.

Assessment Hub

A cloud-based platform to help you seamlessly manage assessments from start to finish - saving you time and reducing your costs by up to 35%.

Climate Action Tracker

A cloud-based project management and tracking tool that helps you monitor and control your organisation’s net zero transformation.

Connected Risk Engine

A maturity assessment product which provides you with a clear and consistent view of risk affecting your entire organisation.

Digital Policy Manual

Access, navigate and interact with your policies. Make documentation accurate, up to date and easy to put into practice.

ESG Regulatory Intelligence

A digital solution to help ESG and Compliance leaders understand the applicability of ESG regulations to their business.

Horizon Scanning Portal

Artificial intelligence which consolidates regulatory updates from over 150 global institutions, relevant to your business.

Innovation Nexus

A SaaS offering that builds connections between people, ideas, and investments, providing transparency and structure to all stages of the innovation process.

Portfolio Emissions Manager

A cloud-based climate change modelling suite which helps you to achieve your net zero goals.

Saratoga Impact

Free for participants benchmarking solution on key people metrics.

Saratoga Spotlight on HR

Subscription benchmarking solution on the HR function.

Spend Explorer

PwC’s bespoke solution to help you understand, visualise and optimise your organisations’ third party Spend and Carbon footprint.

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