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Saratoga Impact

A benchmarking solution that helps business leaders understand how they perform across key people metrics

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Designed for your business needs

An interactive dashboard that uses your data to inform performance compared to your peers

Provides insights into headcount trends, employee costs and return on investment (ROI), operating cost trends, diversity and inclusion trends, and key moments that matter throughout an employee lifecycle

Set goals and targets for improving your people engagement strategy so you can establish realistic and achievable objectives

Data-driven insights about your workforce

Saratoga provides organisations with reliable data and insights that support strategic decision making. It helps managers identify trends, patterns, and potential areas of risk or opportunity within their workforce. With Saratoga, leaders can make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, talent acquisition, workforce planning, training and development initiatives, and their overall people strategy.

By regularly measuring and comparing your performance against industry benchmarks, you can track your progress over time and identify areas where you have made improvements or need further attention.

This iterative process promotes a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and refinement.

How does Saratoga Impact work?

Data-driven insights about the workforce are essential for your business to grow. But knowing what to measure and what the results mean has never been more difficult and confusing. In the noise of analytical tools, techniques and technology, we have identified four impact areas to understand the workforce.

Understand the organisational impact of your decisions based on your organisation's talent ecosystem

    Identify the financial impact of the productivity and cost out transformation of your people function

      Gather social impact data for better reporting on your workforce diversity and ESG practices and incentives

      Track the lifestyle impact of your people strategy against moments that matter, reward, support and engagement

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