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Spend Explorer

A PwC-developed bespoke solution that enables visibility and insight of third party spend and Scope 3 emissions, helping to identify cost and carbon hotspots and develop reduction opportunities that make the biggest impact to your organisation.

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Create a common data set, accessible to all relevant stakeholders whether finance, procurement or business users

Get cost and associated emissions insights across the value chain and use data analytics and SME guidance to help identify actionable cost and carbon reduction opportunities

Visualise trends through customisable dashboards that can be used from BAU procurement activity through to leadership reporting and presentation

Gain visibility of your supply chain spend and Scope 3 emissions

An organisation’s supply chain can account for more than 50% of its cost base, and more than 70% of its GHG emissions. It is therefore an underestimated source of innovation, risk and cost. 

Spend Explorer addresses this by providing full visibility of spend and emissions, allowing for development of actionable strategies towards cost reduction and Net Zero transformation.

How does Spend Explorer work?

PwC’s bespoke solution to help you understand, visualise and optimise your organisations’ third party Spend and Carbon footprint.

Cleansing and consolidation of supplier spend data across multiple systems to provide a single source of truth

Spend and carbon footprint calculations to help you visualise and act upon emissions hotspots and high spend categories

Bespoke dashboard allowing toggling between Spend and Carbon data, enabling you to understand your decarbonisation and cost reduction levers

Spend and Carbon footprint trends and calculations, giving you powerful insights, including segmentation by business unit, categories, and geographies

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