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Regulatory Reporting Validator

An automated Trade & Transaction reporting (T&TR) validation tool that accelerates analysis to highlight issues in regulatory submissions under global T&TR regimes.

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The Validator ingests regulatory submissions and then performs a set of validation checks mapped to regulatory requirements
The checks look for issues relating to completeness, accuracy, and timeliness within the submissions
Users can then review the results, log issues, assign responsibilities and priorities, and manage the remediation to completion, all within the tool

Operate confidently and manage efficiently

The Regulatory Reporting Validator provides you with an assessment of your Trade & Transaction reporting quality by executing a vast library of diagnostic rules which have been developed and maintained by PwC regulatory SMEs. The rules are executed on the data submitted to the regulator as seen in the Trade Repository reports. In addition, PwC's Pairing & Matching Insights modules allow for rapid analysis of breaks arising from dual-sided reports.

How does Regulatory Reporting Validator work?

The Regulatory Reporting Validator tool is self service and testing takes a matter of minutes once reports are uploaded.

Developed using PwC's insight from years of helping clients remediate issues and respond to regulatory examinations, the tool uses our set of thousands of pre-programmed regulatory checks which are constantly maintained to align with the latest regulatory and industry guidance.

Our third party data is updated on a daily basis to ensure tests run on the latest market view.

Users can view interactive results, a statistical breakdown of findings, trade-level details, and specific regulatory references to identify the extent of potential issues.

Users can log issues, assign responsibilities, and manage the remediation, all within the tool.

Provides confidence with Reporting Compliance

Ability to customise output and reports

Give you regulatory traceability to quickly understand the areas of regulatory risk most important to you

Saves you time and resources by efficiently identifying and resolving  trade & transaction reporting issues

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