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Smart Business Insight Suite

Smart Business Insight Suite is our next generation workflow solution designed to help business meet the vast array of compliance and reporting obligations, including:

  • Process management
  • Information gathering
  • Dynamic risk and controls
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Tax & Finance processes

Documents and information gathering

Operational risk

Monitor and assess the risk profile of tax provisions

Increasing compliance and governance requirements and the need to exercise effective risk management are common global themes given the increasing level of regulation from regulators, tax authorities and the OECD.

To meet these requirements businesses need to be able to:

  • Manage their international compliance process
  • Quickly access and combine information about the group's status, for example financial or tax positions
  • Demonstrate the operation of effective controls

How does Smart Business Insight Suite work?

Smart Business Insight Suite has been designed with these challenges in mind. Supporting organisations in delivering and demonstrating (to tax authorities and other stakeholders) that Tax has effective governance, process and risk management in place across Tax & Finance processes.

Document Repository - Client configurable view that is secure, structured and easy to search

Structured Collaboration - Users can share knowledge, edit and comment on other users' answers or share questions

Reporting - Easily configurable reports that can be integrated with data analytics

Fully client configurable - Workflow management, with delegation and audit trail. Access control by legal entity, country or obligation

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