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Perform Plus

Perform Plus is PwC’s award winning operational excellence approach powered by smart technology and data. Through coaching using the Perform Plus platform we deliver results by changing behaviours and increasing team leader and member capability.

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Connectivity - Bring team members together. Share insights, information and support each other to bring organisation-wide continuity and connection in a hybrid world

Engagement - Use gamification to unlock team members’ potential by motivating behaviours and recognising achievements

Visibility - Get greater visibility of what teams are working on through coaching around personal and group dashboards

How to improve productivity with Perform Plus

We’re really proud about Perform Plus. It’s shown that it’s had really positive impacts across a whole range of diverse clients, and teams within clients. Not only does it drive productivity, it improves quality and it does it without relying on massive investment. It really empowers the teams. Perform Plus is not just about incremental change, it has led to some really profound improvements within our clients, and their organisations. It’s one of the best ways we have of driving business transformation within our clients.

We originally created Perform in 2015 as a coaching methodology. It’s a 12 week programme where we work face to face with managers and with their teams to install new work habits and make them better at their job. But we knew that we needed to innovate in Perform and that’s why we’ve partnered with Google and we’ve created Perform Plus.

How does Perform Plus work?

Perform Plus is PwC’s award winning operational excellence approach powered by smart technology and data.

Puts people at the heart of the organisation, building engagement and empowering staff to be more productive and adopt new ways of working.

Capturing thousands of data points from each user every year, Perform Plus defines the traits of high performing teams and individuals in your business

Advanced people and workforce insights help you to understand the relationship between behaviours, performance, sentiment and skills

Support and inform decision-making and help you define the interventions that matter most in your business

Perform Plus’ digital huddle-boards enable people anywhere in the world to check in, connect and collaborate!

Advanced analytics and intelligent gamification keep teams engaged in the platform, and show teams new ways to do better, enhance coaching and problem solve more.

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