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Deep Commercial Intelligence

An artificial intelligence (AI)-powered document interrogation tool that allows you to seamlessly search through large volumes of contract documents, rapidly extract key information and visualise findings in a simple and standardised way. Manage third party risk and respond to changes in your regulatory environment more effectively, while reducing manual review time and resource effort, identifying opportunities to drive better value from your third party agreements.

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Increase your visibility of commercial risk exposure and prioritise remediation efforts by rapidly assessing your entire contract population in a matter of hours and with higher accuracy using the power of semantic matching

Reduce your manual effort and costs by automating the analysis of large document sets at the click of a button, allowing you to spend more time interpreting the detail of the contract and creating insights

Improve the efficiency of your cost reduction activities with the ability to identify and prioritise effort on those contracts where potential cost savings can be achieved - with material supply chain savings opportunities typically between 0.5% and 2% of contract value

Manage third party risk and identify cost reduction opportunities

Deep Commercial Intelligence (DCI) automatically and rapidly reviews large volumes of contract documents to ensure your preferred terms are compliant; flags non-standard contracts before they are signed; and extracts key data to help you manage third party risk and identify cost saving opportunities.

How does Deep Commercial Intelligence work?

Deep Commercial Intelligence is an AI-powered tool to help you manage risk, respond to regulatory changes and identify opportunities in third party contracts.

Advanced algorithms capture key commercial data points from both your physical and digital contracts

Search for relevant terms and text within your portfolio of documents using a powerful AI model, enabling the capture of both specific phrases and general concepts or contractual mechanisms

Automate the assessment and review of new regulations against existing client policies and procedures typically three times faster than before

Identify terms, such as data privacy, modern slavery and liability caps, which help you manage third party risk as well as sources of cost reduction, such as rebates, discounts and variable pricing

Automation allows you to rapidly extract key information and visualise findings in a simple and standardised way using an interactive dashboard tailored to your needs

With a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription, DCI is available for you to use on your own documentation through secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) access

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