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Cyber Crisis VR Experience

Your organisation is under attack. The next big decision rests on your shoulders and everyone is looking to you. Our immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience transports you into a live cyber security crisis so you can discover what it feels like to make critical decisions under pressure and see the consequences of your decisions. Learn what it takes to lead an effective response in a crisis.

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Designed for your business needs

Learn how to mitigate reputational damage and maintain trust with stakeholders by seeing the real time impacts of the decisions you make in the heat of a crisis

Identify knowledge gaps so you can develop the continuous training and improvement you and your team needs

Communicating too little information can reduce trust. Understand which stakeholders need to be informed, the information they require and when they need it

Experience the high stakes of a cyber crisis

What does it feel like to lead through a cyber crisis if you’ve never experienced one before? Our Cyber Crisis VR Experience product replicates a high pressure situation, allowing you to better understand the challenges you’ll face and what it takes to maintain control.

How does Cyber Crisis VR Experience work?

How do you prepare for a cyber security crisis? Our immersive virtual reality (VR) experience helps you prepare a crisis management plan for cyber attacks

Learn how to react quickly and make critical decisions under pressure. Participants are given 10 seconds to make their decision, so quick and informed answers are essential

Choose whether to step into the shoes of the CEO, CFO or CISO so you can see and understand the different perspectives and the pressures other team members would experience

See how you perform as part of that leadership team in a crisis situation and the impact of the path you chose

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